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Description CORRIDA ROUSTO MIX (4)

Set of four VILLIGER CORRIDA ROBUSTO cigars containing Corrida Dominican Republic Robusto, Corrida Brazil Robusto, Corrida Honduras Robusto and Corrida Nicaragua Robusto.

Corrida Dominican Republic Robusto

  • Dressed in unabashed yellow, this Corrida Dominican Republic Robusto Cigar is the opposite of shy and retiring. It challenges and entices with a balanced yet independent blend of milder, slow matured tobacco from the Dominican Republic.
  • It comes enveloped in a double-fermented wrapper from Ecuador. The overall composition is one of endearing sweetness with naturally spicy undertones and an aroma which is full yet fine. Together, these factors guarantee a superb taste experience in a class of its own.
  • Mild and perfectly balanced.
  • Opulent, soft composition for a pronounced taste experience.
  • An enticing waft of roast aromas lend the delicate tobacco flavour a hint of nuts and toast.

Corrida Brazil Robusto

  • Let the Villiger Corrida Brazil Robusto carry you away to the land of the samba and pure joie de vivre: Temperamental, exceptional and thrilling. The unmistakable personality of this unique Cigar shows off the complexity of Brazilian tobaccos without seeking to dominate.
  • The precious Arapiraca wrapper introduces a subtle but finely spiced sweetness which underpins the notes of cocoa and coffee to perfection.
  • Temperamental and multi-facetted.
  • The Arapiraca wrapper lends a finely spiced, enticing sweetness.
  • An intriguing diversity of exotic leather and earth flavours with notes of cocoa and coffee.

Corrida Honduras Robusto

  • A cigar of character – that’s the Corrida Honduras Robusto produced in in Danli, Honduras exclusively by Nestor A. Plasencia, and it’s a name synonymous with the very highest quality.
  • Formulated for clarity, and self-assured in its unmistakable red label, this cigar offers all the advantages of strong tobacco, and all the taste you’d expect from a special selection of complex aromas with underlying notes of earth and pepper. All of these make the Corrida Honduras Robusto a cigar to accompany those most memorable moments with unadulterated enjoyment. A no-compromise experience combining animal strength with the pure taste of tobacco.
  • Strong and expressive.
  • An experience to be remembered for discerning aficionados.
  • A balanced aromatic-spicy blend with underlying nuances of earth and pepper.

Corrida Nicaragua Robusto

  • The Corrida Nicaragua Robusto offers a remarkable depth and complexity. Its dominant strength underpins the unmistakable robust personality of Nicaraguan tobacco, making this the strongest of the Corrida brand – the bull among bulls.
  • The strong flavours are based on selected tobaccos matured for at least six months and double fermented to provide true strength of flavour combining precious aromas of dark chocolate, espresso and earth – delicately rounded by spicy aromatic wood notes.
  • Uncomplicated and intense.
  • Tobaccos matured for at last six months and double fermented for pure enjoyment.
  • Powerful interplay of aromas through dark chocolate, espresso and earth.

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Firma Villiger 1888

VILLIGER 1888 is one of the leading cigar and cigarillo manufacturers in Europe.

With a production capacity of more than 1.5 billion units per year Villiger is a leading player in the tobacco market.

Production is concentrated in four factories: in the company headquarters in Switzerland (Pfeffikon, Lucerne), in Germany (Waldshut-Tiengen and Bünde), and in Indonesia (Ngoro/Mojokerto).


** The price shown is for a set of 4 cigars.

** The pictures are for presentation purposes.


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